The triumph bobber on these pages is the result of a desire to build a classic style British custom motorcycle but one which, under the skin, relies on modern mechanics and technology. If there were one word for the design principle it would be "clean", and this principle demanded us to design and fabricate many unique parts to achieve the goal. Some examples of the bespoke hand made parts can be seen in the Details page.

Of course it needed a British engine and one to meet the objective of a custom bike which could be kept maintenance free in the garage, trusted to start at the push of a button and ridden without fear of breakdown. The power plant that met these needs was the Hinckley Triumph Bonneville unit, currently in production. Of course it needed to sound the part too and this setup resulted in a genuine British 1950's rumble.

With the engine decided a fully bespoke frame was fabricated and work began on completing the remainder of the parts to complete the bike. Some idea of the parts include on the finished motorcycle can be seen on the Specifications page.

They say the devil is in the details and this bike has details in spades; most of which are completely unique. It should go without saying but all of this would be for nowt if the finish wasn't up to scratch, so the bike was built with the finest finishes including powder coating, anodising, high quality plating and the use of stainless steel. Even the tank logos are made from platinum.

In line with UK law the bike was put through the VOSA MSVA for type approval ensuring that it meets UK standards for new vehicles and permitting a fully legal registration.

This bike has been one of our show bikes and has covered only a couple of hundred miles. We are now putting it up for sale and accepting offers in the region of £18,000 British pounds.

Photos and a few words on a website do not do a custom motorcycle such as this justice, so please feel free to contact us to hear more details or to arrange to see the bike.


Gilsons The Bikers are builders of high quality & exclusive custom motorcycles. We both build bikes to order and self-commissioned projects and the Triumph Bobber you see here is one of the latter.

Based in Cornwall in the United Kingdom the emphasis is on classic British & European bike designs specialising in bringing modern manufacturing techniques and technology to traditional aesthetics. This results in timeless looking machinery with performance and reliability matching today's modern motorbikes.

We pride ourselves on a preference to adapt or modify original period parts or manufacture bespoke ones rather than buying accessories off the shelf. We believe this produces truly custom and unique motorcycles and brings pride of ownership.

All of our design work and fabrication is done in house where possible to ensure we keep control over the quality of the finished products as well as meeting time schedules.

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